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Investor with global presence. The Company manages assets across several sectors, including healthcare, financial services, energy, infrastructure, industrial real estate and capital markets. We also built a strong capability in managing global and regional credit and equity portfolios, which have enhanced the diversification and liquidity of Havenrock’s balance sheet.


We are involved in the formation of companies, fund spinouts of operating divisions and technology assets, and provide growth equity to mid- and late-stage private businesses and to public companies through PIPE investments and investing in fast growing key economic sectors, such as Property & Construction, Plantation & Agriculture, Hotel & Leisure, Power Generation, Portfolio Investments, Entertainment etc.


Continuing to be carefully optimistic, the company’s investment strategy is to invest in medium to long term economical opportunities or to hold or divest at an opportune time. We help our portfolio companies grow big and fast by bringing: Robust global business network, Strong financial capabilities and Solid operational experience.


Find companies and people with the same business orientation as Havenrock, brings together highly skilled risk and portfolio managers as well as research analysts, to build better partnership-relationships.

Our approach

We are a leading global private equity company focused on investing at scale. Our active portfolio of many companies is highly diversified by stage, sector and geography.

Our Mission

We aim at supporting our economic development and promoting investment environment in the region by initiating investment projects in different economic sectors, we’re focused to leveraging our capital markets capabilities to aid our clients in achieving their strategic and financial objectives.

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